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Resource planning software for your Creative Business

Sonderplan is a powerful & affordable planning tool for scheduling people, rooms, & equipment

Streamlined resource scheduling

Designed for Post Production firms, and also used by Creative Agencies, Equipment Rental Companies, Universities and Recording & Film Studios

Create detailed bookings directly on your production resource schedule in seconds. Start by clicking and dragging a new timeslot, assign your resources + project, client, status and any custom fields.
Quickly switch between the timeline, calendar and grid views with a huge selection of viewports to cater for every project. From a single day commercial, up to a 6 month long form production.
Quickly find resources, projects and bookings directly on the schedule, with just a few keystrokes. Use the powerful Sonderplan booking table filters to save frequent searches.
Centralise your resource management and maintain separate calendars with multiple resource schedules. Each schedule has its own set of unique rooms, equipment and people as well as shared resources such as virtualized edit suites and satellite uplinks.
Make bookings leap out of your post production schedule with Sonderplan's customisable booking colors. Bookings can be coloured by their resource, project or status color.
Sonderplan will alert you if there is a resource clash, and give you helpful insights such as the percentage of the booking that is clashing.

A platform trusted by teams of 2 to 2000

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Our customers also love...

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Desktop & Mobile Apps

Sonderplan has been created as a progressive web app (PWA), so it's downloadable to desktop and mobile devices

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The Cloud Advantage

Sonderplan runs in the cloud so there's zero maintenance or upgrades for your IT staff to worry about. All you need is a modern web browser

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Fast Technical Support

Need help? Our team have worked in film & television post production and offer fast and knowledgeable email technical support 7AM to 7PM (AEST), 7 days a week.

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Developer API

Our REST API gives you access to all your data; enabling you to create powerful integrations with third party tools and software

Connections between online services

Zapier Connector

Our Zapier connector integrates our Sonderplan resource planning software with more than 5000+ other cloud applications

Connections between online services

Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign On supported with industry leading providers, Google GSuite, Azure Active Directory, Okta and Onelogin

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Lights Out UI

Sonderplan has a fast and modern user interface, with dark mode perfect for viewing in your grading and editing suites

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Shared Contacts

Keep your contacts up to date, organised and centrally managed from within the Sonderplan resource schedule software

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Fast File Upload

Keep everything tidy and organised and upload files like production budgets, scripts and receipts directly to bookings and projects

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Email Notifications

Your editors and artist resources will be emailed when they are added to bookings or if someone makes a change to a project

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Quotes & Invoices

Create quotes and invoices from existing bookings and projects, or create from predefined PostPro services with buy and sell costs

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Track Expenses

Track adhoc expenses incurred during post production and ensure they are automatically added to invoices at billing time

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Calendar Feeds

Share iCalendar feeds with freelancers and automatically sync bookings into Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook and more

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Access Control

Configure read only access to your post schedules, keep sensitive production projects secure with private project settings

New features coming soon on our roadmap

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Time Tracking

Replace manual time sheets with simple time tracking your talent and staff will enjoy using

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Project Budgets

Stay on budget by allocating expected costs to project phases and quickly compare estimated vs actual costs

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Improved Reporting

Gain valuable insights into how your business is performing, with metrics on bookings, profit and loss